«The end of the consumerism era»

02 октября 2020

TABASCO has created a living book from which a plant can be grown. The book contains more than 200 global cases of responsible consumption and forecasts for 10 sustainable industries. The project has already been supported by Ruslana Lyzhychko, Tatiana Grineva, Svitlana Paveletska, Tatiana Goncharova, Yulia Bevzenko.

«The end of the consumerism era»  is a book about responsible consumption, several pages of which are created from biodegradable seed paper. Readers thus can grow a plant from a living book. The format was not randomly chosen — it is the embodiment of the trend of conscious consumption, which is gaining momentum in the world. TABASCO agency became a partner of the project and developed a creative book format.

The social project has already been supported by influencers  singer Ruslana Lyzhychko, Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist Tatiana Grineva, CEO of the Institute of Cognitive Modeling Svitlana Paveletska, host Tatiana Goncharova, guide manager of Kyiv Yulia Bevzenko, founder of “Ukraine without Garbage” Evgenia Aratovska.

Video with influencers:

Authors of «The end of the consumerism era» Yana Lavryk, Andrii Dovzhanin and Viktor Andrusiv researched 242 sources and interviewed more than 25 people from different parts of the world. The book contains:

-more than 200 cases of responsible consumption from around the world;

-forecasts for 10 sustainable industries: sharing economy, zero waste, green business, freeganism etc.;

-comparison and analysis of trends of responsible consumption in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania;

-vision of Ukraine in the 2030s.

Oleksandr Smirnov, partner and creative director of TABASCO:

«For us, this project is an opportunity to talk about sustainable development twice. Firstly, by the content, and secondly, by the creative form of the book itself.»

Yana Lavryk, co-author of the book, expert in economic programs at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future:

«The habit of consumption is dying along with the generations that cultivate shopping, show-off and status. In fact, responsible consumption is not a new idea at all, we live in a world where garbage is sorted and green energy is actively introduced. People consciously give up plastic, rent things including clothing, eat less meat, give up buying real estate in favor of renting, and generally prefer impressions and experiences instead of accumulation of material wealth.»

You can buy both paper and electronic versions of the book:
Funds from sales will be used to popularize the topic of responsible consumption in Ukraine. The initiator of the project is the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.

The project also has pages on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram, which are being filled with with the facts about trends in responsible consumption.