15 ноября 2020

TABASCO is the first Ukrainian agency to launch a modular advertising campaign. What does it mean?

Out of 3 image videos, the agency has created 15 digital videos for DOM.RIA, which are targeted to the buyer depending on his decision-making phase. The work lasted 6 months, filmed by a director and cameraman from Belgium.

What happened

DOM.RIA has created a world of proven real estate. Now the brand has set a goal for itself — to involve all of Ukraine in the verification of housing thanks to truthful comments from real buyers. Creative agency TABASCO has developed and for the first time on the Ukrainian market implemented a modular communication campaign, where comments turn on the light, illuminating reality with truth.

What is modular communication and why is it needed?

Modular communication is an approach to creativity, where the video is constructed depending on which phase of decision-making the user is in. This is a completely new experience for the Ukrainian market and it was TABASCO who was the first to develop and implement this format.

In the case of DOM.RIA, it was necessary to create such 3 image videos so that they could be disassembled in parts as a constructor and so that 5 times more videos could be created from them for placement in digital and targeting customers.

In total, the videos cover 5 phases of decision making, in which the consumer is:

Phase 1. Nulls (who are just thinking about an apartment):

Phase 2. Searchers (which are already looking for and comparing) — video release in the near future.

Phase 3. Analysts (call realtors):

Phase 4. Negotiators (go to viewings):

Phase 5. Those who bought (made a purchase) — the video will be released in the near future.

Modular communication catches the consumer not only with a targeted channel, but also with a targeted video and message that responds specifically to his emotional state and calls for different actions at different phases.

Modular communication for DOM.RIA was created from these image clips:

What type of business is modular communication not suitable for?

Modular communication is not suitable for FMCG, where the decision-making phase is very fast. The consumer wanted to buy a chocolate bar and bought it right away.

But real estate area is investment goods, here people are preparing for a purchase for a long time and during this process they go through several stages: first they are interested, then they study offers and prices, then they negotiate, look, compare, reflect and finally make a deal.

How long did the work last?

In may, TABASCO won the tender for the creative and strategic service of DOM.RIA, and only now the campaign has gone on the air. The preparatory stage took 4 months and included a deep study of the insights of each target group at different stages of decision-making. The shooting and post production lasted two months, to which the Belgian film crew was involved — director Jeroen Willekens and director of photography Thomas Buelens, as well as the best Ukrainian production and post-production studios — Toy Pictures, TPH-One.

The air

The campaign started with 3 engaging image videos for different target audiences and different types of housing. Today they are presenting 3 pre-rolls for modular communication. In total, digital will have 15 pre-rolls for different target groups and phases of apartment search. 360 coverage is provided by a series of outdoor and radio advertisements.


For 5 years now, DOM.RIA has been checking real estate and sellers to ensure that buyers purchase housing safely. During this time, RIA Inspectors have checked 140,000+ properties. 1,500+ realtors and 300+ agencies have received the “Verified” status on DOM.RIA. You can’t find such option on any other home buying and selling websites. Sharing the truth about real estate on DOM.RIA is useful and easy. This is the main message that formed the basis of the new communication. As a result of the campaign, everyone will remember the main thing: when you check a property for someone, someone checks it for you.

Sergii Moldakhovsky, Chief Marketing Officer, DOM.RIA

“Verified apartments are what DOM.RIA is proud of, and what other home buying and selling sites do not have. Now we want the whole Ukraine to get involved in real estate checks thanks to truthful comments from real buyers. We encourage people to share the truth with millions and together make the real estate market proven and safe.»

Tetiana Belozorova, Creative Group Head, TABASCO

“We are delighted to be involved in the global mission of DOM.RIA property inspections. A modular approach is a new serious experience for us, it was important to find the optimal communication model so that creativity is both engaging and effective”.