Sirius shelter

10 августа 2020

TABASCO and the Sirius Animal Shelter have launched an information campaign. The campaign calls on Ukrainians to support the initiative to find a new home for cats and dogs. This initiative arose due to the deterioration of the situation around the adoption and even the return of the four-legged due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

“In some countries, for example, the United States, during quarantine, the demand for animals from shelters increased significantly, and in Ukraine, on the contrary, the number of calls with requests to give an animal to a shelter increased. People are afraid of getting infected from a dog or a cat, despite the fact that the information portal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine says: there is no official confirmation that pets can carry coronavirus,”says Oleksandra Mezynova, director of the Sirius shelter. — There are more homeless animals on the streets due to the material condition of people that is getting worse. Corporate and individual financial assistance to the shelter decreased, because citizens and organizations found themselves in difficult conditions. However, it is the shelter that needs help now, and the animals need home».

In the information campaign, “Sirius” appeals to the Ukrainians who have long planned to have a pet, but due to the lack of time they did not succeed. In quarantine, new loving owners and four-legged ones have the opportunity to quickly get used to each other.

“TABASCO has always been a pioneer in social advertising and communications. This crisis wasn’t an exception. We hope that with the help of this campaign we will find homes and families for many pets”, — Oleksandr Smirnov, partner and creative director of TABASCO agency.

Oleksandra Mezynova also notes that now there are people who want to take dogs home so that they can walk in parks during quarantine, but the shelter’s management and volunteers are categorically against this trend. The shelter focuses on the fact that a dog or a cat is not a toy, not a temporary entertainment or a “ticket” to the street during quarantine. A pet is a complete family member and a great responsibility. All animals are given to new families only after signing the contract. Potential owners are interviewed with the director of the shelter, have a probation and regular recommendations from the curators regarding the adaptation of animals.

If you dreamed of a four-legged friend, then now is the time to give a new happy life to a homeless dog. Know that there are cats and dogs who dream of living at home all their lives. You can give a new house by visiting the website: