CMS Group

is an accelerator that helps entrepreneurs to implement their business projects. We are not limited to cooperation with IT startups — our partners can be businesses within the framework of traditional business models. For ourselves, we have chosen the areas of activity in which we feel most confident and where our contribution to the partnership will be the most significant. This is, first of all, the service sector in B2B, where a creative approach and properly built relationships with clients are important. Our core competencies are advertising and marketing, business consulting, retail analytics, data operation.

Our potential partners

are entrepreneurs who need support to grow their business. We are ready to help such people improve their business model, attract new clients, including from our extensive list of contacts, help with financing, take on important, but not basic business functions: finances and accounting, HR and recruitment, legal support , IT, security.


It doesn’t matter for us what stage the business is at. It may be just an idea that needs to be tested for demand, or it may be a mature company whose leaders are sure that further growth is more possible through a new partnership.

Why should you choose CMS Group?

As an independent international group, having gathered around us more than 200 bright minds, we at СMS Group know what it means to create and develop your own business. We are not hired managers, but successful entrepreneurs who are ready to share our experience, inspire and turn ideas into projects that increase assets.

If you have a business or ideas that you would like to develop as part of the CMS Group business accelerator, write to us at