CMS Group

It is a business development platform where creativity and consumer understanding are critical success factors.

Now the group includes not only advertising agencies, but also companies engaged in technological solutions in marketing and not only.




Implemented full-scale marketing campaigns

15 years

Market experience



Our offer

All the companies in our holding are aimed at creating effective marketing communications for our clients.

Effectiveness isn't just about sales results or unique placement conditions. We create value for clients through expertise, unique developments, including software, deep understanding of the consumer and data, which allows us to achieve results with the least investment in media and activity marketing.

In a time of constant change and transformation of business models, we are reliable partners in disciplines that go beyond marketing – we create ideas for new businesses, connect with the right contacts and partners, and give our expertise.

Our principles


Openness and honesty of employees of all levels


Entrepreneurial approach: result orientation, willingness to take risks, agility, fast decision making


Cooperation and mutual respect

History of creation

We started as an advertising group in 2006, when Oleksandr Gorlov, Yaroslav Ploshko and Oleksandr Smirnov founded the creative agency TABASCO in Kyiv. The following year, Denys Lazurenko joined them, and the SIGMA media agency was founded. These agencies formed the foundation of the group. Working in a dynamically changing market, the group has gone through numerous transformations. The list of the group's companies was constantly changing, as was the marketing communications industry itself.